Are you having Ice Cream or Palm Oil !!

Are you having Ice Cream or Palm Oil !!

Ice-Cream is one of the largest-selling food product in the globe and is considered the most favorite desert in the world. The market size of ice cream is USD 81.8 Billion and with a growth rate of 4.2 %, it is expected to reach USD 114.7 billion by 2030. Now you can guess the favoritism and global demand for ice cream from the above two lines.

There is no perfect time to eat ice cream and many prefer to take it as a mood swinger. The tasty chilled ice cream loaded with different flavors helps to calm your annoyed stomach.

But have you noticed the packet of ice cream that you have bought from your nearest store !!!  In the stores, there are two types of products with a similar packing style available almost in every market across the globe. While most of us live with a misconception that both the varieties are called ICE-CREAM but, we need to bring to your notice that one of them is Ice cream and another one is a Frozen Palm oil-made dessert. The packing style of both these products can easily fool anyone as they look almost similar.

Ice Creams

Then what is the Difference between Frozen Palm Oil or Ice Cream:

Ice-creams should be made up of milk or milk powder, certain flavors but the palm oil-made frozen dessert is not ice cream. Frozen desserts are not ice cream as per the food security guideline. On the packing, you can check details as the seller already mentioned on the packet – whether it’s an ice cream or a Frozen Palm oil dessert.

There are many ice-creams are available in the market, that are palm oil free. So always check the details and then buy your healthy-delicious ice cream next time.

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Which is healthier ice cream or frozen dessert?

It’s contradictory, some say ice cream is good for health and some say frozen palm oil dessert.

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