Did Santiago Flight 513 Disappear in 1954 and Landed in 1989?

Did Santiago Flight 513 Disappear in 1954 and Landed in 1989? – Around the globe, there are many questions that will question your knowledge. Many incidents that will puzzle you. The concept and theories related to black holes, the existence of Aliens, the possibility of time travel have forever been huge conspiracies.

Bermuda Triangle also entangled many scientists and contrasting opinions with certain theories are still unable to prove what exactly it is. Many scientists believe that time travel is possible and in the present date, there are many loopholes that can let people pass through it.

Such a terrific incident was witnessed in 1989. To understand this we have to go 35 years back to 1954.

On September 4, 1954, Santiago Aircrafts Flight 513 withdrawn from Aachen, West Germany, predetermined for Porto Alegre, Brazil. The flight ought to have taken around 18 hours. Instead, it took 35 years,  a long time. On October 12, 1989, without any contact with discuss activity controllers, Santiago Flight 513 was spotted circling the Porto Alegre air terminal, where it in the long run made an effective landing.

Upon opening the entryways, specialists found something still more stunning: the skeletons of 92 individuals, buckled into their seats. The skeletal body of Captain Miguel Victor Cury was found in his pilot’s situate, hands on the controls, with the motor still murmuring.

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Till date, there is no trace to prove that this was an incident of time traveling and questions are still unanswered.

Was this time traveling?
Does loopholes exist?
Is this possible?
Why we’re they found dead?
Is the behavior of matter or atoms different in loopholes?
Is it possible to pass through them?
Did plane missing for 35 years fly through time warp?

SUPER CONSTELLATION for a recently 1950s AIRLINER LANDS WITH 92 SKELETONS IRWIN FISHER Aviation authorities commercial airliner ON BOARD that out Germany 1954 landed in Brazil with 92 skeletons aboard! refuse peculate where- plane paranorma researche Celso Atello, almost certainly entered Remains passengers & 4-man crew found aircraft with dead pilot still at the controls discuss physics Atlantic Porto Bad check writers are bounced back to school miner Airlines” And a list of never-ending questions resides behind it.

Did Santiago Flight 513 Disappear in 1954 and Landed in 1989?


Reports also claim that it is not a genuine news story. An article on Snopes .com writes “We were unable to find any news reports from credible outlets about a Santiago Flight 513 that disappeared in 1954. We were also unable to find any reports about this flight landing 35 years later in 1989 or a plane landing full of skeletons. The reason is simple: The story of Santiago Flight 513 is a work of fiction created by an infamous tabloid. ”

Many science fiction movies show similar incidents but the reality however hits different.

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