India supports Pakistan’s resolution at UN panel

India supports Pakistan’s resolution at UN panel condemning the Sweden Quran burning incident.

A resounding applause filled the grand hall of the Human Rights Council on Wednesday following the decisive 28-12 vote on a motion introduced by Pakistan and Palestine, receiving strong support from nations including India, China, and others.

The International community witnessed a momentous occasion at the Human Rights Council as a measure aimed at addressing religious hatred garnered overwhelming support, despite objections from Western nations concerned about potential restrictions on freedom of expression. The chamber echoed with applause on Wednesday as the measure secured a vote of 28-12, with seven abstentions. The initiative, spearheaded by Pakistan and Palestine and backed by numerous developing countries in Africa, China, India, and Middle Eastern nations, aimed to respond to recent Quran burnings in Europe.

Ambassador Khalil Hashmi of Pakistan emphasized that the measure did not intend to limit free speech but rather sought a judicious balance between freedom of expression and the special duties and responsibilities associated with it. In his statement, Hashmi criticized those few who were unwilling to condemn the desecration of the Holy Quran and other religious books, highlighting their lack of political, legal, and moral courage.

A day prior, Michele Taylor, the U.S. ambassador to the council, expressed strong condemnation of the acts that prompted the discussion, including the desecration of the Holy Quran in Sweden on June 28. However, Taylor expressed disappointment that the council could not find consensus in condemning these deplorable acts of anti-Muslim hatred while respecting freedom of expression.

Following the vote, Taylor conveyed her deep sadness over the outcome, stating that she was “truly heartbroken” by the council’s inability to strike a balance between condemning acts of hatred and preserving freedom of expression, a sentiment shared by many.

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