Is time travel possible?

Is time travel possible?

Is time travel possible? Can someone pass through time loopholes? Is it safe? If you are more into science fiction then you must have come across several conspiracies like the Bermuda triangle, paranormal incidents, the journey to mysterious places, hidden islands, and a lot more. But certain incidents are more deadly and at the same time intriguing than these fictional daydreaming.

What would be your reaction if I say there is are loopholes that make time travel possible for not only a person but it will allow a total plane to pass through it. Shocked? Well yes many incidents are reported of missing planes that mysteriously reappeared after a span of more than 30 years.

You must have come across the incident of Santiago flight incident that disappeared in 1954 but again landed safely in 1989, 35 years after getting disappeared with the people on board dead. Here is another suck incident that is noticeable. Similar but leaving thousands of questions unanswered. It is real? Or a work of fiction?

Is time travel possible?

The strange story of Pan America flight 914.

This “unsolved” occasion supposedly includes a plane that took off from Modern York in 1955 with 57 travelers, vanished for 37 a long time, at that point returned, and landed in Miami as in case nothing had happened.

Different arrangements have been advertised to clarify the enigma of Container Am Flight 914, the foremost well knew of which is that this plane flew through a few sort of time-travel portal. The actual clarification could be a bit more ordinary: The adventure of Container Am Flight 914 could be a work of fiction that begun with Week by week World News, an infamous newspaper that worked between 1979 and 2007 (the newspaper would afterward relaunch as an online-only distribution).

Fictional or real? Anyway, these incidents have a resemblance with episodes of the Twilight zone, the series which is most popular among the fans of science fiction.

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