Population of China shrinks for the first time


China’s population shirks for the first time as the Chinese government successfully managed to control its birthrate. As per some reports, the Chinese population is gradually decreasing for the first time since the 1960s, which shocked the whole world.

Currently, the total population of China is 141.24 crores followed by India (140.67 crores) as per the 2021 census. But in 2022 China’s population fell by 850,000 from 2021. Experts predict that if this continues, India may soon overtake China to become the most populous country in the world.


Possible Reason for China’s population drop –

  • The Chinese government never fails to execute its law and order. There are many strict rules which help to control the birth rate.
  • China has changed the Two-Child Policy concept and newly added the One-Child policy. It’s the biggest reason behind the sharp fall in its population.
  • Covid 19 pandemic is also a possible reason behind this. Due to the impact of this deadly virus, many Chinese people have died and still, now some people are losing their life daily.


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