Bahrain Weather throughout the Year

Bahrain Weather throughout the Year. Bahrain has a hot desert climate with two different seasons i.e a hot, humid summer season from May to October, and a mild, dry winter from November to March. Summer in Bahrain : The summer months in the country Bahrain are usually very hot and humid, with average high temperatures […]


Zimbabwe – Most Miserable Country In The World

Zimbabwe has been named the world’s most miserable country on Hanke’s Annual Misery Index (HAMI). HAMI, judges countries on the basis of economic conditions. This southern African country surpassed war-torn nations like Ukraine, Syria and Sudan. Why is Zimbabwe the worst? The nation has been plagued with skyrocketing inflation. The inflation touched 243.8 per cent […]


At least 234 killed in Turkiye’s massive 7.8-magnitude earthquake, 110 dead in Syria

At least 234 killed in Turkiye’s massive 7.8-magnitude earthquake, 110 dead in Syria. Earthquake Most Powerful In A Century hits Turkey, Syria, Over 1,200 Dead as we write. Turkey’s AFAD emergencies service centre put the first quake’s magnitude at 7.4, adding that it was followed by more than 40 aftershocks. The most powerful earthquake in […]

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Population of China shrinks for the first time

China’s population shirks for the first time as the Chinese government successfully managed to control its birthrate. As per some reports, the Chinese population is gradually decreasing for the first time since the 1960s, which shocked the whole world. Currently, the total population of China is 141.24 crores followed by India (140.67 crores) as per […]