Two Shaligram stones reached Gorakhnath Temple


Two Shaligram stones reached Gorakhnath Temple. Two Holy Shaligram stone ( a Holy rock ) has reached Gorakhnath Temple of Uttar Pradesh. A mass number of People gathered there to welcome this holly rock.

It was brought from the Shaligram River also known as Kali Gandki river Nepal, on 26th January 2023. One rock weighs nearly about 26 Tons and another one is 14 Tons. As per the expert, both of these rocks are 6 crore years old.

Lord Ram and Mata Sita deity will be built from this holly rock. Later it will be placed in the newly built Lord Ram Temple in Ayodhya, Uttararpradesh.


Why Shaligram stones are considered as Holy ?

Shaligram Stone is a fossilized ammonite stone, mostly found in the Himalayan rivers , especially in Gandaki River, Nepal.

As per hindu ideology these stones are the representation of Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu was take the form of Shaligram to defeat king Hayagriva.

So it’s considered as a sacred stone. It can be found in many hindu temple. Even it’s is used while building a new temple.

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